The Convicted and The Dead

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57 year old Taiwan female director Yang Guanyu dies

On July 4, Ying caier’s father sent an article in his micro blog to mourn the death of director Yang Guanyu. He wrote: “I’ve gone, but it’s too late to call. I’ll see you again in my dream.” Ying caier’s father was very sad in his words. Ying caier’s father introduced the life of the famous director in detail. The director is studying film and television at the University of culture. After that, she learned from the famous director Wang Xiaodi. During her fifty-seven years of life, she has always insisted on the following three things: first, her feelings with her brothers and sisters; second, her enthusiasm for her career; third, her spirit of playing mahjong. Ying caier’s father couldn’t believe it when he first heard of Yang Guanyu’s death. He couldn’t help but cry when he thought of his relationship with Yang Guanyu before.

Yang Guanyu, born in Taiwan on March 7, 1963, graduated from the national drama group of the drama department of China University of culture. He was a famous TV drama director and learned from Wang Xiaoli. In his early stage, he produced variety shows (happy soldiers and diamond stage). Later, he turned to drama. His representative works include: spring of Xiaoju, happiness must be strong, morning glory blossom day, and I want to become a hard persimmon “The Lord of love”, “My Secret Garden” and many other idol drama works are popular with the public.

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The Convicted and The Dead
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