The Convicted and The Dead

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A 35 year old Russian woman, wanghong, and her stepson, 15, registered for marriage

A Russian Internet celebrity has shared a group of wedding photos on social media. It is surprising that the groom is the son of her former husband.

Wedding photos of Marina palmasheva and her husband Vladimir VOA.

Marina palmasheva, 35, is from the Krasnodar border region in western Russia. Her new husband, Vladimir VOYA shaverin, is 20 years old.

Prior to that, Marina had lived with Vladimir VOA’s father, Alexei savilling, 45, for more than 10 years, and they ended up divorced.

It was the son of Alexei, Vladimir VOYA shaverin, who broke up their marriage.

Since Vladimir VOA was seven years old, Marina has been his stepmother.

It is said that marina’s relationship with her current husband and former stepson began after Vladimir VOA returned home from college at the age of 19.

Alexei, the father of Vladimir VOA and her ex husband, claimed that it was Marina who took his son VOA and said he would forgive Marina rather than divorce if the object of her infidelity was not his own son.

In the face of his wife and son’s double betrayal, Alexei said that before they divorced, marina and her son secretly wrote a song, and he caught him on the spot.

This love triangle has become a big local scandal, but Marina did not pay attention to it.

A few months after their relationship became public, the defiant couple announced that they had signed up for marriage and had a strong response on the Internet.

Marina palmasheva and her husband, Vladimir VOA, 15 years her junior.

In a video released last weekend local time, marina and Vladimir VOA, dressed in plain clothes, picked up their cards at the registry, then kissed and hugged and officially married.

As she turns to face each other, Marina smiles and touches her second husband’s back in front of the camera.

“The atmosphere was good, though a little awkward.” Said marina.

Marina and Vladimir VOA have completed the marriage registration and officially entered the marriage palace

In the essay, Marina said their wedding was not luxurious.

The couple put on their formal dresses and enjoyed a happy wedding banquet at a local restaurant with several guests.

Marina said they had not spoken to Alexei, the groom’s father, throughout the wedding.

“I don’t think he likes what we’re doing.” Said marina.

“Our baby is about to be born, and now we want to move to a bigger city.”

Marina and her new husband, Vladimir VOA.

In June, when the pregnancy test results were positive, Marina fell into the joy of becoming a mother.

Before sharing the wedding video, Marina sent out an ultrasound video that showed the baby moving in her mother’s abdomen.

Marina revealed that the baby “looks like a boy” and is 5cm long and has been pregnant for 11 to 12 weeks.

Marina said she was thrilled to see her unborn baby move in her stomach.

Marina shared the baby’s ultrasound images.

Since Marina announced that she was with her stepson, she has regularly updated their relationships and upcoming mothers on social media.

Previously, Marina was a celebrity with more than 400000 fans online because she shared her successful weight loss experience.

She often faces abuse from social media users, and many netizens object to their marriage as immoral, even though the marriage is not illegal in Russia.

Marina palmasheva shared a photo with her husband VOA 13 years ago and now

Marina palmacheva shared a picture of her and her 7-year-old young VOA 13 years ago. She also attached a picture of the happy couple today, hoping to gain your support and blessing.

However, contrary to our wishes, the absurd relationship between “mother and son” into “husband and wife” has been strongly reviled by many netizens.

In response, Marina recently wrote: “you never know what life will be like or when you will meet someone who makes you smile. I know some people will talk about us and some will support us, but we are happy, and I hope you will do.

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The Convicted and The Dead
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