TFL Fiction Formats. Success from the Start

Creators have always relyed on TFL Fictions Formats to
  • Guarantee a solid infrastructure to hang on their innovations and originalities
  • Secure a base of audience for attending their creations
  • Convince producers that their project will be both familiar and original, the key to success with wide audiences.
More recently, producers start to use TFL Fiction Formats to solve three of their major challenges
  • Too long and too expansive developments and rewriting
  • Production not enough aligned on audience needs
  • Not enough finance and support from production buyers
TFL Fiction Formats are designed to
  • Cut the development and writing costs and delays by 50 %
  • Align the different creative works on the audience needs, mainstream or target.
  • Convince distributors, broadcasters and investors that favor productions issued from formats for their lower risks of insufficient audience, delays and overcosts.

TFL Fiction Formats components

An integrated suite of contents and elements guiding the creative works towards audience success
  1. The audience studies at the origin of the format
  2. The concept description
  3. The list of audience satisfaction factors embedded
  4. The list of CFX © included with the audience emotion and tension techniques
  5. The marketing material: poster and trailer script
  6. The synopsis
  7. The treatment
  8. The step-outline
  9. The reference guide for the world, the stories, the characters and the plots
  10. The serialization technique
  11. All the potential finalized contents that might be generated from the format
  12. The key elements that will enable the project to pass the evaluation tests with broadcasters and distributors such as SCREEN ©
  13. The list of invariant elements that will make the final production a franchise, a nest for suites.
Producers buy TFL Fiction Formats
  • As services with or without their companion development software CREATE©
  • As scripts thanks to our own writers rooms

Available TFL Fiction Formats

Some examples
  • FAMILY DOC designed to recruit and satisfy mainstream international audience
  • CITY VICE designed to recruit and satisfy a high level audience
  • SEX SHOP designed to recruit and satisfy a family audience
  • GOSH designed to recruit and satisfy the audience fans on mobile digital platforms
  • ANGIE HUNT designed to recruit and satisfy casual gamers on video game platform
  • EA, a universe format designed to generate many stories to recruit and satisfy mainstream audience
  • EYES, a format designed to generate luxury brands contents