The Fiction Lab. More Audience.

Executive Summary

The unique expertise of TFL is to help talents, producers, broadcasters and distributors to increase the audience and market shares for all their entertaining or information contents: films, shows, news, ads, docs, formats, video games and trailers.
TFL services assist media professionals at each step of the production and screening chain. Better project selection with SCREEN, better contents with SCAN and SCRIPT, better production management with CREATE and better programming with MATCH.
To obtain those audience results TFL uses its unique collection of more than 300 CFX ©, Special Cognitive Effects, that render those contents more interesting, more emotional, more exciting and more edifying for wide or target audiences.
Those audience development services are delivered faster and cheaper than with traditional content providers, thanks to the EMOTION BUILDER © process that improve existing contents or generate new contents with a high audience recruitment power, at a fraction of the cost and time of the traditional production process.

How to get more audience in six steps ?

  1. Select projects with the best audience potentials with the TFL SCREEN technology
  2. Tests the contents as early as possible and then at all production stages - concept, scripts, images, editions and trailers- for risks of insufficient audience with the TFL SCAN technology
  3. Add audience satisfaction factors to the content with the TFL CFX technology
  4. Keep the whole production process aligned on audience needs with the TFL CREATE technology
  5. Buy contents produced with a reputed audience oriented process like the TFL EMOTION BUILDER technology
  6. Program contents for recruiting more audiences with the TFL MATCH technology
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