The Convicted and The Dead

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Malcolm Harsch found hanging from tree died by suicide at 31 years old on June 20

Malcolm harsch, a black man found in a tree near a library in Victorville, died of apparent suicide, according to his family.In a statement released Friday, Hashi’s family said he committed suicide. Malcolm Harsch suicide is strange.

Naji Ali, a spokesman for community activist and the Hashi family, said in a statement that police presented “video evidence” to the Hashi family.As investigations into the May 31 death of Hashi continued, detectives obtained surveillance video from an empty building near where his body was found. Authorities said the video confirmed no foul.

The detectives also met with the family. The evidence of the case, including the surveillance video, was presented at the request of relatives. Although there is no sign of mischief, forensic pathologists are waiting for toxicological results before determining the cause and mode of death.

“My family would like to thank you for your support and prayers,” Ali wrote.Malcolm hash’s sister, harmone, said on her Facebook account that her brother is a caring person.”He cares. Honorable. There is talent. I like his music. He’s a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a friend, and he loves everyone like his family, “she said.

Malcolm Harsch suicide,cause of Malcolm Harsch death,how did Malcolm Harsch die

On the morning of May 31, a homeless Hashi was found in a tree near the Hashi city library.The Victorville Fire Department responded around 7 a.m., officials said.On Monday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department provided more details, saying delegates were summoned to a homeless camp to discuss the issue of Hashi.”The caller said she was with (her) boyfriend, who was later identified as Malcolm hash, in the morning, but then she returned to the tent for a short time. Others in the camp reminded her that Mr. hash had been found hanging from a tree and cut down. People in the camp are undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trying to recover Mr. hash, “the statement said.What was cause of Malcolm Harsch death?

“Upon arrival, the delegates immediately took over and continued CPR. Emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene soon, and in spite of extra life-saving efforts, Hashi announced his death.

An autopsy was carried out and officials said they saw no sign of foul play. But Hashi’s family and others are concerned.”The explanation for suicide seems unreasonable,” the family wrote. “There are many ways to die, but considering the current ethnic tensions, it is absolutely unacceptable for us to hang a black man from a tree.”We want justice, not comfort,” they wrote.Recently, the FBI continued to investigate and protest the two cases after a 24-year-old black man, Robert Fuller, was found hanging in a tree near the city hall of Palmdale.how did Malcolm Harsch die?

The hashes said they plan to fly his body home to relatives in Ohio. A family spokesman in Southern California said Friday that the body of a 38 year old man was found hanging from a tree. He said they believe he committed suicide.”Unfortunately, on behalf of Malcolm Hashi’s family, he seems to have committed suicide,” Naji Ali said in a statement Officials from the Victorville Police Department released new video evidence to the family.San Bernardino County sheriff said the body of hash was found in a tree in Victorville on May 31. He was one of two black men found dead by apparent hanging 53 miles apart.

Police said in a statement that the sheriff’s Department showed the family of Hashi “surveillance video of the empty building” related to his death. An autopsy was carried out on June 12.”Although there is no sign of mischief, forensic pathologists are waiting for toxicological results before determining the cause and mode of death,” the Department said.Another southern California case concerns Robert Fuller, 24, who was found hanging from a tree near the city hall of Palmdale on June 10. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials said the case was considered suicide, sparked demonstrations and called for a deeper investigation.why was Malcolm Harsch suicide is still not clear.

The FBI said this week it would also investigate the discovery of a fake body near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, which reportedly hangs from a noose. Mayor Libby Shaff said hanging ropes were found on the trees in the park.Fuller’s case turned this week when a man was killed in a gunfight with a representative of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, resulting in his half brother, according to a lawyer for fuller’s family, NBC Los Angeles reported.The Department confirmed the man’s name as Terren Jamal boon, 31. On Wednesday night, he was shot dead in the Mojave Desert and charged with 21 felonies, including deadly weapons attacks, domestic violence and criminal threats.

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The Convicted and The Dead
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