The Convicted and The Dead

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On June 20 British legendary singer Vera Lynn died and was hailed as “sweetheart in the war”

Vera Lynn, a legendary British singer, died peacefully on June 18 at the age of 103 in the company of her family and friends. Veralynn was born in London on March 20, 1917. She started singing in the workers’ Club at the age of 7 and joined the dance group at the age of 15. Later, she sang inspirational songs such as “we’ll meet again”, “the white cliffs of Dover”, which greatly inspired the British people at that time and was known as a national treasure singer. Especially during the outbreak in April today, the queen of England quoted veralynn’s song “we’ll meet again” to give a national speech and inspire the British people. Vera Lynn has always been in good health. She was interviewed recently. Her family released the sad news of her death today. There was no pain. Vera left the world peacefully.Do you know when was Vera Lynn dead?

British legendary singer veralynn died and was hailed as “sweetheart in the war”In May, she was named Britain’s oldest singer, and her song “100” was once again named top 30. Lynn’s 1939 recording of “we’ll meet again” is one of her most famous songs, which was very popular in World War II and won her the title of “forces’ sweetheart” in England. In March 2017, Lynn released the album Vera Lynn 100 to celebrate her 100th birthday on March 22, and set a record for the oldest living singer in the world to release the album. She is also the first British singer to rank first on the US music charts.

Vera Lynn has devoted most of her life to the military. With her charming and legendary voice, she has inspired generations of soldiers and inspired the public in the dark.She used songs to encourage the soldiers to fight for the country and help them find the spirit of struggle. In British history, she was a great woman. During the blitzkrieg war of World War II, she encouraged the morale of the soldiers with her singing. She was known as “sweetheart in the war”. All over the UK, she felt sorry for her death and was missed on social platforms.How did Vera Lynn die?

In 2010, Britain also made a documentary film “the story of veralyn” to honor one of the greatest women in British history. Although veralynn has passed away, her singing will go on forever. To boost morale, the Allies sent British singer Vera Lynn to perform four times during World War II. It’s Lynn’s 100th birthday. In her first famous song “the white cliff of Dover”, Dover county decided to project its image on the white cliff to celebrate her birthday.

Born in 1917, Lynn became a radio star in 1930, released her first record at the age of 22, and later became a “goddess in the army” by the British, inspiring the army’s morale. And she took advantage of her 100th birthday to launch a new record, becoming the first 100 year old singer. Lynn was also awarded the British Medal of war for her military singing service.When interviewed, Lynn said that after many years, she was deeply honored to be able to bring the songs of that year to you, and felt very happy to be able to re perform the songs of that year.What was the cause of Vera Lynn death?

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The Convicted and The Dead
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