Our service is more audience

We serve the many professionals responsible for the success of films, TV shows, TV news, video games and ads.

We provide advice and tools that enable contents and productions to reach, attract, retain and satisfy wider audiences. We increase any content performance for generating more audience fiction, identification, interest, excitement, emotion and edification.

We add perception, attention, credibility and memory factors to all kinds of contents through memorable worlds, compelling stories, riveting plots, engaging characters, addictive scenes, impacting images and striking words.

With clear benefits

  • Better audiences reach through audience needs analysis by segment
  • Greater audience satisfaction through audience needs gratification
  • Wider audience through audience recruitment factors

Those audience results are provided through

  • Script and production consulting reports
  • Scripts and formats
  • Programming consulting
  • Project management consulting

What is an audience development agency?

Your works should have a wider audience. Audience development agencies help you to meet the needs of existing and potential audiences. It includes expertise in marketing science, in human sciences and information sciences for delivering advice and tools for better content development, production and management.
Audience development is involved with building market share for films and TV industries. It also focuses on finding new audiences outside the mainstream.
Audience development places the audience at the heart of everything the producers and studios do. As an on-going studio process, audience development employs a range of tools such as software for content testing, for content improvement and for content generation.