Branding contents

Retain audiences better with branding CFX

Both the entertainment and the communication industries wish to build long-lasting brands, franchises, licenses, and IP rights. For doing that, they embed into their contents CFXs known for generating audience edification effects: memory CFXs, priming CFXs and fiction CFXs. Those edifying effects are vectored to the audience using special features of the fiction world, stories and characters.

  • Memory CFXs are designed to impact human memories, both short-term memory, long-term procedural, long-term semantic and long-term episodic memories. They generate a higher probability of recall for the content they populate.
  • Priming CFXs manage to prime the edifying message by both excitement and emotion messages that prepare the mind to welcome the call-to-action.
  • Fiction CFXs, known as “make-believe” CFXs, are designed to generate a suspension of disbelief facing fiction.