Conferences and seminars

How to grow and satisfy an audience

Key discussion points

  • How to inform the human brain to generate predictable reactions as attention, interest, fiction, identification, excitement, emotion or edification
  • How to test contents for predicting audience reactions as satisfaction, memory, pleasure, laugh, fear, sadness, joy...
  • How to improve contents, adding special cognitive and affective effects
  • How to produce scripts that reduce the risk of insufficient or non-satisfied audience
  • How to select projects for audience recruitment potentials
  • How to manage projects and align them on audience entertainment needs
  • How to satisfy target audiences by age, by gender, by social level,...

Versions per participant

  1. For talents and creators
  2. For producers
  3. For distributors and broadcasters

Versions per content / case studies

  1. Films and series
  2. TV shows
  3. News and reports
  4. Video games
  5. Commercials

Guest speaker.
 Pr. Patrick M. Georges, MD

Studio advisor: Fox, Disney

Cognitive scientist. Medicine Doctor and Neurosurgeon: University of Brussels

Author, Cognitive Marketing: Kogan Page. How to entertain better ( In process)