Improving contents

We propose productions improvements for more audience success

What audiences expect from fictions and entertainments

Universal needs. Needs levels from 1 to 6
  1. Stress, excitement, tension
  2. Surviving, actions, sex and violence
  3. Diversion, escapism, exotics
  4. Emotions, positive and negative
  5. Edification, learning, knowledge, voyeurism
  6. Social involvement, relations
  7. Decisional involvement, participation, interaction
Specific needs by age, genre, education, location, past experience….
  • Kids / Teens / Senior
  • Men / Women
  • Social, education and profession profiles 1 to 12
  • Occupational and buying track records
We use special cognitive effects and special affective effects to help reach, recruit and retain audiences. Respecting the creative works, we suggest to insert elements proved to enhance audience satisfaction, tension, emotion and edification.
Some examples of added audience satisfaction factors
  • Add audience questions to keep the tension above 12 / 18 points
  • Remove audience information to keep the stress level above 220 points
  • Add ticking clocks as rare resources quickly decreasing at audience sight
  • Increase the action level of scenes from 1 or 2 points
  • Decrease complexities to an average 6 / 9 to keep wide audiences involved
  • Micro-manage the character faces configuration for better emotion contagion to the audience
  • Remove all traces of written langue in the dialog
  • Give leadership properties A et B to the lead character for more audience persuasion
  • Increase information asymmetry to keep audience strain above 9 points
  • Is the structure designed on 60 / 30 / 10 to reach and please wide audiences?