Our technology is digital

The EMOTION BUILDER process uses information techniques to test contents for audience satisfaction factors and to add special cognitive effects for more excitement, emotion and edification power.

We own and run the following EMOTION BUILDER applications for our clients

CFX. Science proved special cognitive effects

SCAN. A process to test entertainment and communication contents

CREATE. A project management application for faster and more effective productions

M.A.T.C.H. A Media Audience To Content Hedger helping programmers to generate more revenues from their audiences


  • Digitalizes contents to test, to improve, to create or to program them.
  • Constructs or deconstrucst a content as a flow of information from a media to a brain.
  • Turns contents into data bases. It add rule bases to the data bases to generate new, improved contents.

The data base categories are

  • Elements such as world, stories, characters, plots, scenes
  • Questions posed to the audience and their answers
  • Facts such as situations, behaviors, decisions, dialogs
  • Figures such as durations, numbers
  • Messages to the audience