Seminar on CREATE

Introduction seminar to CREATE

  Objective of the seminar
  • By the end of the seminar, you will be able to manage your production projects more effectively, with less delays, less costs and fewer conflicts.
Benefits of the seminar
  • Production projects are just projects. To be successful, they need clear objectives, responsible persons, well-defined resources, planning, deliverables, specifications to check quality….and a software to help run them collaboratively.
Participants concerned
  • All professionals involved in the success of production projects: producers, co-producers, studio executives, broadcasters supervising producers…
Problems that should be reduced
  • Conflict or misunderstanding between the parties involved in the project: writers, directors, producers, TV and studio executives, production consultants…
  • Missing documents, multiple versions, unrecorded contents
  • Late, off-budget, off-specification deliverables: scripts, images, editions…
Content of the seminar / steps to coordinate, pilot and monitor a production project
  • Phase 1. Making decisions on how you will manage, pilot, monitor the project.
  • Session 1. What is your priority problem with your production projects?
  • Session 2. Deciding on the documents format and content: editorial line and concept description
  • Session 3. Deciding on the documents format and content: project description and collaborative work agreement
  • Session 4. Deciding on the pre-scripting documents: step-outline, treatment and bible
  • Session 5. Deciding on the scripting documents: first draft, mid draft and final draft
  • Session 6. Deciding on the making / shooting documents
  • Session 7. Deciding on the edition documents
  • Session 8. Deciding on the marketing documents
  • Session 9. Deciding on the programming documents
  • Session 10. Deciding on the greenlighting procedure
  • Phase 2. Implementing the project management software
    • Session 1. Mastering MS Project
    • Session 2. Adding the content for production projects: documents, list of tasks, list of resources…
    • Session 3. Monitoring the Gantt charts