SCAN is an exhaustive, rational process for doctoring contents.

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It splits the examined content into its many information to the audience.

  • Testing concepts for audience entertainment qualities
  • Testing fiction worlds for cohesion, coherence, memorability
  • Testing stories and situations on interest, engagement and edification
  • Testing plots for tension and excitement
  • Testing characters for emotion and identification
  • Testing pacing for attention and addiction
  • Testing images for perception


SCREEN is the most effective way for producers and TVs to screen, rank and evaluate swiftly the many projects they receive every day.

SCREEN is a subset of SCAN tests, proved to predict mainstream audience success.

In less than one hour a project file can be evaluated and ranked rationally for its chances of becoming a popular success.

Project files granted with fewer than 12 points, on a maximum of 18 points, have a greater risk of insufficient audience if produced.