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20 stylish gold nail designs are gorgeous and noble

For thousands of years, metallic color has been a symbol of wealth, luxury and wisdom. From catwalks to fashion magazines gel nail designs pictures, metallic colours are becoming very popular. Metallic as a nail color, suitable for any season, any occasion. Golden fingernails as royal princesses noble luxury.

It’s time to shake up your regular manicure with these stylish gold nail designs.

1. Cosmic inspiration + soft color scheme

Take your nail art across the galaxy with a cosmic inspiration. This soft gold color combo shows off your sign’s charm while remaining stylish. This one works well with all lengths of nails, but you can also use slightly longer tips to create more sophisticated art, reminiscent of French manicures, and paint the tips in different colors — good choices include lavender, sky blue and light pink. Tiny cosmic embellishments are the perfect finishing touch and will make you radiant.

2. Natural nail color + tiny golden details

The smallest details can create a work of art, as you can see with this stylish manicure. Smooth nails are the best place to start beautiful nails designs pictures – keep nails short and clean for best results. Decorate with a small golden shell – preferably with pearls or any other preferred shape. Metallic tones add luster and richness to your fingers without ruining the minimalist style, leaving you with timeless and beautiful nail art.

3. Lovely floral nail art + gold decoration

The combination of pale pink and white, with floral motifs and gold accents, is the perfect way to show your love of fashion. In this design, choose three white petals for each finger and add a small gold dot in the center of each flower. The rest of the fingertip can be in pastel or nude, with a medium pearl patch over the middle number that Outlines the shape with small gold beads. If you want more decoration, carefully paint the same metal spots on the top of the nail bed. Whether you’re going to a girls’ party or taking photos on a social media platform, this style is very noticeable.

4. Golden abstract art nails

The beauty behind this art is in the change of color, pattern and layout without making it seem too complicated nail designs photo gallery. Starting with a white primer and using a medium sized brush, apply a soft palette of blue, light pink, lavender and gold to reveal the primer. Draw a small black dot on your nails every second or third finger to fill in the gaps in your nails. The design is fluid, so when you have a little fun yourself, give it a mash-up and match it with different color combinations to release your inner abstract artistic inspiration.

5. Glittering gold Star manicure

Despite its simplicity, this manicure is sure to draw attention to itself. You can paint your nails with neutral or soft pink nail polish and choose the length of your nails as you like. Then, gently apply the Venus sticker to the surface of the nail, depending on your mood. The elegance is simple and effortless.

6. Gold Shards manicure

To accentuate the gold, use a nude background color, which will make your fingers look long and neat. Use the blade to cut the metal stickers into small pieces and place them evenly on the fourth nail. This is a departure from the traditional look you often see, as it looks like a cracked mirror that lands at your fingertips 2020 gel nail designs. The shiny and subtle art adds an instant appeal that will leave you feeling your hands immersed in a liquid golden river.

7. Gold leaf nails

Gold foil is not only used for painting and portraits, but also to make nail art more fashionable. Using wax paper or a small brush, finely carve a circle with white nail polish on each fingertip — adding a semicircle to the edge of the finger. Lightly apply the gold foil wherever you like, filling the gap with a glossy texture.

8. Gold nails + green emeralds

Show everyone your dignity with this gorgeous combination of colors. Bright gold polished like 24-carat flakes nail designs photo gallery, the emerald decor adds a dignified feel that is so distinctive.

9. Shiny gold nails and jewelry

This nail art is so over-the-top, but it’s also mesmerizing. Paint the bottom of your nails gold and start gluing on circles of colored rhinestones. Silver rhinestones are added to the fingertip edges to unify the bold tones with the gold canvas.

10. Gold gives your French manicure the next level

This effortless gorgeous art is perfect for any occasion and is easy to DIY. Just like with initial nail art, you need to start with a nude or neutral base. Next, apply a thin layer of adhesive tape to the nail bed, add another layer of adhesive tape in the center, and apply a matte finish on one side. When dry, paint the top of your finger with shiny nail polish. It’s an elevated and modern alternative to the classic style, and once you try it, you’ll feel like a fashion icon.

11. Gold and gemstone manicure

Inspired by Gucci’s signature jewelry, this overdecorated nail art was designed for the bold. Start with bare nails and cut them short to keep them neat — you can add a thin layer of shine to give them even more shine pinterest nail art designs. Then, apply the oversized jewels to your fingertips with nail glue. Make sure you cover the entire nail bed, so that you give the impression of a gem being painted directly onto the nail bed. While this manicure doesn’t work every day, it’s a fun and creative alternative to traditional art that makes people want to try it out.

12. Golden leopard nails

Let go of your wild nature! The combination of gold, black and silver gives the nail a luxurious feel, and the pattern adds a stylish touch. Paint three of your five fingers leopard print, leaving two in pure gold. For best results, choose a small, delicately shaped brush. If you want to keep it simple, you can just buy a nail with a leopard print on it.

13. Manicure LOGO craze

LOGO mania has been one of the biggest trends of the past few years, both on and off the runway. Whether you’re Dior crazy, Louis Vuitton crazy or Chanel crazy, you can say it on your nail. A combination of gold, white and clarity instantly adds glamour to your fingers, and this design works best for stilettos, and looks great for people with long pointed nails. Nail art can make you feel like a superstar, whether you’re wearing luxury or a tracksuit.

14. Gold and shiny nails

Make your hands the focal point of shiny nail art. Manicures are ideal for parties, red carpet events, or just a special night out, and you can use them to draw attention to yourself. Recreate this look by painting your nails gold. Then cover it with a set of stickers and jewelry and it glints. For a more subtle approach, you can keep most of your fingertips in metallic tones, leaving a decorative colored gem.

It comes in the hottest shades of bottle green, duck egg blue, sand and pastels. Paint each finger a different color and then a matte finish for a smooth finish. When the tips of the nails are dry, apply a gold band to the nail bed new nails design for summer, which can be tilted slightly. You can start at the top, go all the way to the middle, and stop halfway. Then, add a thin black line inside.

16. Gold striped nails

Show off your personality by adding a gold stripe to your fingertips. No background color or polishing is required. Start by filing your nails into the desired shape to give them a natural shine. Stick separate stickers in the center of the nail bed — this will lengthen your fingers and make your hands shine. You can dress like this for the office, at a party, or even for lunch with friends.

17. Gold metal nails

This gold-plated design is a great way to experiment with shiny trends while also giving you an immediate sense of the future. Nail art is inspired by the catwalk, but it looks great on almost any occasion. You can use metallic nail powder for a super-metallic effect, or you can press your nails with pre-painted gold. The beauty of this style lies in its rich and varied Outlines and lengths. Whether you’re going to a work event, a fancy dress party, or a family gathering with your girls, this is a great way to complete your look.

18. Golden nails + Romantic flowers

This fun and provocative nail art combines ultra-modern metal and romantic roses, making it the perfect choice for those who love to mix and match. To create this look, carefully apply shiny flakes of paint to the bottom of your nails pinterest nail designs 2020, adding a protective layer to maintain the color. With an ultrafine brush, draw a bunch of flowers in the corner of your fingertips.

19. Golden stripes + summer tones

Use this bright, dark nail polish for a summery look. To achieve this look, paint a third of the length of the nail with a gold band, then paint a gradual summer shade to make the nails look longer. This modelling lets a person feel intense vigor, do not lose costly.

20. Golden sun nails

Chase the sun and enjoy the warmth. This golden sun nail is a great choice wherever you go. The combination of nude and gold is a symbol of brightness and vitality. Starting with clean nails, apply a thin layer of nude primer to the surface of the nails 2020 pedicure trends. Then, with a thin brush, carefully draw the shape of the sun in the corner of the nail bed, and then draw the rays of the sun on the fingertip. Depending on where we see the sun on a given day, we choose different positions. This amazing manicure will brighten up your day in an instant.

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