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How to choose the HPV vaccine based on “sex”

HPV, the sexually active HPV, loves to “attack” the reproductive system.HPV, short for human Papilloma virus, is a group of DNA viruses that mainly invade the skin and mucous membranes of humans hpv vaccine9. HPV was classified into high-risk and low-risk genotypes based on its cancer-inducing potential.

HPV infection is often associated with the human reproductive system and is the most common viral infection in the reproductive organs. This infection generally occurs inside the human mucosa and can cause a series of diseases. At least 12 types of HPV have been shown to cause cervical cancer or other genital cancers, as well as oropharyngeal cancers.HPV infection is often associated with the human reproductive system.

The most common route of HPV transmission is through sexual intercourse (including oral and anal sex). Men and women with sexual history are more susceptible to HPV, and the more sexual partners there are, the more likely HPV is to be transmitted. The prevalence of HPV infection and HPV-related diseases is higher in gay men. In addition, contact with genital skin, mucous membranes or body fluids infected with the virus is also susceptible to HPV infection.

Oral infections are relatively rare compared to genital infections, and it appears that most oral infections are transmitted through sexual contact, with the higher the number of oral sex and vaginal partners, the higher the risk of infection.

HPV can also be transmitted in non-sexual ways, such as through infected birth canals and skin abrasions.What are the HPV vaccines? What should I choose?There are three TYPES of HPV vaccine, each of which is different.

At present, the public use of HPV vaccine has 3 kinds, respectively is 2 HPV vaccine (contain virus 16 and 18 L1 protein), price 4 HPV vaccine (contains 6, 11, 16, and 18 viruses L1 protein) and 9 price HPV vaccine (contains 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 type), don’t they contain different HPV type.

There are three types of HPV vaccine.These vaccines are very effective against high-risk HPV types. It has been proved that these vaccines can provide nearly 100% protection against persistent HPV16 and HPV18 virus infection and cervical cancer caused by persistent infection.The HPV vaccine is given three times.

At present, China’s implementation of HPV vaccine is 3 doses of vaccination program, 2 price HPV vaccine using 0, 1, 6 months of vaccination program hpv vaccine market, 4 price and 9 price HPV vaccine using 0, 2, 6 months of vaccination program. All three vaccines are administered in the upper arm.There are age limits for HPV vaccination.

Different countries or regions have different indications and populations for HPV vaccine approval. In China, HPV vaccine is applicable to women aged 9 ~ 45 years.The HPV vaccine is available to women between the ages of 9 and 45 in China.In addition, sexual life is not a contraindication for vaccination, and women with sexual life history may also be inoculated to produce corresponding antibodies.

The HPV vaccine for men has not been approved in mainland China and is currently not available for vaccination.Children can get the HPV vaccine, but there is an age limit.The minimum age for the 2-valent HPV vaccine currently approved in mainland China is 9 years old, the 4-valent HPV vaccine is 20 years old and the 9-valent HPV vaccine is 16 years old.Children can get the HPV vaccine, but there is an age limit.

In order to prevent cervical cancer, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the main target population of HPV vaccination is girls aged 9 ~ 14 years before becoming sexually active, that is to say, priority should be given to ensure the vaccination of girls in this age group, priority should be given to the universal vaccination of HPV vaccine in this main target population, and gradually increase the vaccination rate. For women over 15 years of age, vaccination is recommended only if the programme is feasible hpv vaccine fetus, affordable, cost-effective and does not affect the resources of the main target population or effective cervical cancer screening programmes.You have HPV infection, you can get the vaccine.

HPV infection is not contraindicated for HPV vaccination, the HPV vaccine is given to prevent HPV infection after vaccination. So whether or not there is a known HPV infection, HPV-related precancerous lesions, or anal genital warts, you can be vaccinated as long as you are within the recommended age. However, it is important to note that vaccination after infection with HPV does not provide any therapeutic benefit to existing HPV infections and HPV-related diseases.HPV infection is not contraindicated for HPV vaccination.

After the HPV vaccine, you still have to do cervical cancer screening.Cervical cancer screening for women over 30 years of age is a secondary cervical cancer prevention measure, while HPV vaccination is a primary cervical cancer prevention measure. The significance of the two is different. Vaccination cannot completely replace later screening, because vaccination is not widely available at present, and the incidence of cervical cancer has not dropped to a low level. In addition, the existing HPV vaccines do not cover all high-risk HPV types and have limited protection against diseases beyond the age of vaccine use in women.

Vaccine school, co-produced by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention and netease health, has been authorized by the people’s medical publishing house. If you need to reprint, please contact the copyright owner.

Vaccine school, produced by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention in association with netease health, is oriented by public demand and tries to use popular language and vivid illustrations to systematically interpret the principles of vaccine prevention hpv vaccine stigma, types of vaccine, precautions for vaccination and other contents for readers.

How to choose the HPV vaccine based on “sex”?Vaccines are only a few hundred years old, but they have changed the world beyond recognition. No matter what kind of vaccine is invented, it all gathers the painstaking efforts and wisdom of the inventors. To fight against disease is an eternal subject for human beings. To learn the knowledge and understanding of vaccines is a survival skill that everyone should master. To protect the people you care about with vaccines, this “Vaccine School” will certainly help you.

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