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Novel Coronavirus patient withdraws blood donation within 6 months after cure

Blood donation service facilities such as reception of coVID-19 convalescent plasma donors should be conducted in a separate space. Blood donation will be temporarily refused within 6 months after novel Coronavirus infected person is cured and discharged from hospital. Blood donors whose body temperature reaches or exceeds 37.3℃ will also be postponed.

In order to guide blood stations to prevent and control COVID-19 in autumn and winter, ensure the safety of blood station staff and unpaid blood donors, and ensure safe blood supply, the National Health Commission and other departments have formulated the Guidelines on CoVID-19 Prevention and Control in autumn and winter in blood stations. The guidelines set out detailed provisions on the protection of blood station staff, cleaning and disinfection of the workplace, treatment of medical waste, selection and management of blood donors, and blood collection and supply procedures.

The guidelines propose to strengthen education and consultation before blood donation. On the basis of the original health consultation, the CoVID-19-related health Status consultation form will be added to understand the coVID-19-related health status of blood donors, and screen blood donors for travel history, contact history or life history in key areas.

If the donor has experienced any of the following conditions, it is recommended to postpone the blood donation for at least 28 days after the end of the relevant conditions: I have fever or respiratory symptoms; Close contact with a person or patient with fever or respiratory symptoms; Had contact or epidemiological history with novel Coronavirus infected patients or clusters of cases; Recently living abroad or in a high-risk area; Have received influenza or novel Coronavirus vaccine. At the same time, it is recommended that common conditions such as only occasional cough be screened during health consultations.

In addition, patients diagnosed as novel Coronavirus infected patients were temporarily refused to donate blood within 6 months after discharge from the hospital. If the temperature of the blood donor reaches or exceeds 37.3℃, the staff shall inform the blood donor to suspend blood donation, arrange for him to leave the scene for consultation, and remind the blood donor to seek medical treatment in a timely manner at the designated fever clinic.

According to the guidelines, in order to ensure the safety of blood for clinical use, if a novel Coronavirus infection occurs after blood donation, the donor must promptly report to the blood bank. Blood stations shall have special departments responsible for receiving replies from blood donors, and shall make records and deal with them in a timely manner upon receipt of such replies.

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