The Convicted and The Dead

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Pan Changjiang, a national first-class actor, has passed away again

Just 16 hours ago, everyone was eating zongzi for the annual Dragon Boat Festival, but there was a bad news on the Internet.16 hours ago, the Internet was very multi-media, the Dragon Boat Festival old opera bone Pan Changjiang died.

This has made many netizens heartache. Over the years, Mr. Pan Changjiang has brought us too much laughter. Pan Changjiang, a national first-class actor, has passed away again?

In fact, three years ago, there was a rumor that Pan Changjiang, an old artist, had passed away. This news immediately spread across the Internet: “another old artist died. Netizen: go all the way, and rest in heaven.” It also has a picture of Pan Changjiang, who said he was 63 years old.

This news shocked many netizens, many people said that Mr. Pan Changjiang’s body had not spread any serious illness, why would he suddenly “die”?

It wasn’t long before Pan Changjiang publicly refuted the rumor: “I’m convinced that I can play like this… Don’t worry, friends, I’m very good! very healthy! Still alive… “, things gradually come to a conclusion: it turns out that there is an article about the death of director Li Chunming, in which there are many pictures of Pan Changjiang. The front page is also a picture of Pan Changjiang, so the news of Pan Changjiang’s” death “came out.

Even Pan Changjiang’s daughter, Pan Yang, has been rumored to be “dead”. Although Pan Changjiang is not very handsome, his daughter is a versatile natural beauty, but she has been repeatedly “killed in a car accident”.

Mr. Pan Changjiang was very sad, angry and hateful after seeing his daughter Pan Yang’s “sad news”, and publicly declared that he would be mad if he was tortured by such malicious news: “my daughter Pan Yang is very healthy and happy to be with the stone every day. I hope my friends don’t believe the rumor. I hereby refute the rumor.”.

The father and daughter refuted the rumor for such a long time. Just 16 hours ago, Pan Changjiang again spread the news of “death”. There is no basis for these malicious spread. Who is the source? What is the purpose?

Xiao Bian investigates all the way and finds that it’s not only their father and daughter who are “dead”, but also Chow Yun fat who died at 9:30 in the morning in Hong Kong at the age of 62;

Stephen Chow has also been “dead” news, said he had a heart attack “died”, Jackie Chan pain sent a message to inform the truth, also said the brokerage company also responded, fans do not want to tear;

After that, Stephen Chow’s studio sent a letter to refute the rumor and published a statement from the lawyer;

Xiao Shenyang is also said to have “died in a car accident” and even exposed to the public as “the scene of a dead car accident”. In the photo, the scene is a mess and the car is smashed to pieces;

Not only that, the most excessive is also p’s remains and Lingtang, the banner reads: “Comrade Xiao Shenyang will always live in our hearts”;

Little Shenyang was extremely angry, and in the circle of friends, he said: “it’s too much to use the artist’s fame to forge facts.”.

Too many celebrities are tortured by the malicious news of “death”.

Moreover, Pan Changjiang was born in poverty. He lived in the women’s toilet for 8 years. He worked hard step by step and became a famous comic performing artist. He is also a national first-class actor of the literary and art troupe of the Political Department of the second artillery.May you be kind to Pan Changjiang and all the stars. If you don’t believe in rumors, don’t spread them.

I hope you can polish your eyes on the Internet, do not believe in rumors, do not be confused by false photos and false information.

But then again, Xiaobian didn’t understand why the news of “death” came out.What do you think of the news? Welcome to leave comments for me.I hope you can forward it, let the Internet put an end to these rumors, and make Mr. Pan Changjiang clean.

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The Convicted and The Dead
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